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Is there a difference between domestic and commercial cleaning? The answer is yes; but there are various factors that differentiate between the two.

Let us consider an instance; when your client enters your business premises with a business deal, which all factors helps him to finalize the deal? Some say it is your proposal, for others it is your confidence, expertise, experience, knowledge about the project and what not. But what actually the truth is that your client was almost sure whether to deal with you or not as soon as he entered and looked at your business premises. Therefore, with commercial cleaning the work is considered a necessity for running the business. This is not the case with domestic cleaning as it is purely a decision of the owner to clean their property themselves or pay to have it done.

Any business involving food is particular about keeping the place hygienically clean as none would like to eat at a place where food is not hygienically cooked or served. This doesn’t mean that institutions and offices other than those dealing in food don’t require a clean and hygiene environment. If you want your employees to work professionally, you need to provide them a professional environment in return which includes well cleaned and maintained washrooms, cleaned desks, computers, carpets, cafeteria etc. This will not only help your staff to work professionally but will also help you to flourish your business. For instance, will you go to a clinic where carpets are filled with dirt or blood spot and dust on the window panes or will you shop from a store where there is no bin around and you find flies flying around empty wrappers and bottles lying at a corner left unnoticed? The answer is simply a NO.

To help your business running and nourish, comes the role of commercial cleaning.

At Custom Cleaning we are committed to develop a strong (and long) lasting relationship with our valued customers. We provide Janitorial services for offices and commercial business in Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, Burlington, Brampton, and Oakville. We take full responsibility of our services and these are the qualities you will enjoy from our well managed cleaning business:

PROACTIVE – We do not wait for issues to arise and then react after receiving a complaint. Our very competent management team constantly strives to improve service levels, including communication, even if something may seem irrelevant or out of routine.

CONSISTENCY – We pay our employees a very good wages and bonus to be motivated. Our cleaning supervisor and owner ensure that the employees we hire are professionally trained and equipped with the latest cleaning equipments.

RESPONSIBILITY – We generate same night solutions for any cleaning issues and the owner will eagerly drop by your office to discuss the issue and then follow up the next morning- by phone or in person.

PRICING – Thriving in an exceedingly competitive industry, our prices are very competitive. At the same time we provide the best commercial cleaning services and we make sure the service we provide is worth (for the)every penny you spend. We made our business by securing your business over the years. This, combined with our work will demonstrate our value over the long haul.

Contact – We have several ways for our clients to stay in touch. Email info@commercial-cleaning.ca or facebook us.

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