Custom Cleaners environmental policy aims to diminish health problems and allergies while simultaneously reducing the impact of our cleaning practices on the local environment.  We strive to create healthier workspaces and prevent exposure to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants that adversely effect air and water quality.

Custom Cleaners is committed to helping our clients achieve all their environmental goals and objectives.
Custom Cleaners is committed to exercising environmentally sustainable business practices.  One of the ways Clean-Mark demonstrates this commitment is by making every effort to use EcoLogo cleaning products. 

Facts about Ecologo:

  • A founding member of the Global EcoLabelling Network (GEN), an association of third-party environmental performance labelling organizations dedicated to improving and promoting the eco-labeling of products and services.
  • One of two North American eco-labelling programs approved by GEN as meeting internationally recognized ISO 14024 requirements.
  • A multi-attribute criteria certification program developed based on the lifecycle of a product or service.
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