There is a great saying that first impression is the last impression. This saying does not only imply on people, but also to workplaces, businesses, as well as home. Let’s say that you have visited a doctor's office and if you found it dirty, dusty and unsanitary, would you be likely to visit back to that doctor, obviously NO. This is why office cleaning is essential for any business; just as cleaning your home is important for your family life.

No matter you run a small office with just handful of staff, or a large office with good number of staff, it is essential your office is clean and tidy because it plays a vital role in creating positive impact on potential clients and staff members alike. Cleanliness is essential for the well-being of customers and employees as well.

One of the most common challenges that almost every businesses face is the attraction of clients. Your reception area represents your customer's first impression. Therefore, reception should be clean and tidy. Top cleaning tasks for the reception area includes;

  • Door glass and wood dust free
  • Carpet clean and vacuumed
  • Artwork dusted and glass cleaned
  • Phones and computers wiped down
  • Tabletops dusted and polished
  • Magazines organized
  • Garbage bins emptied
At Custom Cleaners, we will customize an office cleaning program specifically suited to your needs and a cleaning schedule in which we will include the basic daily tasks that includes periodical cleaning of carpets, walls, ceilings, windows, tables, countertops, business appliances in fact every detail that relates to the cleaning of an office building. We at Janitorial services for offices and commercial business in Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, Burlington, Brampton, and Oakville, understand the importance of having clean office equipments and give every necessary attention to it; thus we can guarantee a healthy work environment.

We are young, kind, honest, energetic, and well trained professionals. These are the conditions that you should be looking for choosing a cleaning company. Besides, we still share the very same excitement and happiness as it’s our first day in the cleaning industry. We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction. Our main focus is to give your office space a Complete Service, so you do not need to hire different contractors for different purposes, such as carpet cleaning, vinyl (vct) stripping waxing and burnishing, hardwood floor sanding and refinishing, and so on.

Standard Office cleaning specifications:


Dust and wipe filing cabinets
Dust and polish office furniture
Dust and wipe monitors, computers, telephones,
        and related cables
Vacuum/mop floors
Trash collection
Remove finger marks from glass
Cleaning of light fixtures, baseboards and all millwork
Stairway and elevator cleaning
Wash sink
Wash cups, mugs, and plates
Clean countertops
Wipe kitchen appliances (outside)
Wipe cabinets (outside)
Sweep and mop floor
Trash collection
Clean and disinfect toilet, sink, shower
Clean mirrors and glass
Mop floors
Trash Collection
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