Please take a look at these simple reasons that adding that personal touch are making of Custom Cleaners your best choice:

  1. We are only focused in the janitorial service business; We are not in the franchise business, we do not sell our contracts nor we charge any fees to people to work with us.
  2. We carefully select the human resource we work with; We do Background checks to all our new hires, and properly train them our way..
  3. Our company is fully insured; We carry Comprehensive Liability Insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation.
  4. A labour supervisor is assigned to every job or client; This person will be responsible for the crew, as well as for the handling of keys, alarms, supplies, etc.
  5. Every person in our crew will always be properly identified. While on your premises, our associates will maintain a proper “clean look” wearing company shirts, aprons or badges to avoid misunderstandings.
  6. Your Cleaning Specifications are yours. Customized cleaning specifications, suited to satisfy individual needs.
  7. Quality Cleaning Equipment and Products are guaranteed. We use only appropriate, in-good-condition equipment and Green Seal Safe cleaning products, you will appreciate it and definitely notice it was cleaned.
  8. We evaluate ourselves; We like to evaluate ourselves and see how we are doing in daylight. Also, for this purpose we visit our clients periodically at their convenience, to do inspections or simply to hear from them.
  9. We are available to our clients 24 / 7; we are basically a phone call away, however, we also use great communication tools, such as logbooks, emails, etc…
  10. Every single one of our clients is fully appreciated; regardless of size or price, we appreciate them all, our top commitment is their complete satisfaction, we will do everything in our hands to provide them with great Service, Quality, Professionalism and make them get what their money is worth.
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